Still Have Low Thyroid Symptoms While on Thyroid Medication?

If you're currently on thyroid medication, but are still having symptoms this can be a key indicator that something has been missed in your diagnosis.

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If your doctor has you on a thyroid medication, Dr. Hansbrough will never tell you to stop taking that medication that's up to you and your medical doctor to decide. However, Dr. Hansbrough will help you get to the root cause of your thyroid problem. This will help you achieve the path back to health you've been looking for. This is the best possible partnership between traditional medicine and Functional medicine.

Are you currently being treated for low thyroid, but can't lose weight?

If you're currently under the treatment for low thyroid by your primary care physician or practitioner and you still can’t lose weight even though you are exercising and eating healthy, there is some underlying cause and something’s been missed in your diagnosis. There’s a twisted web of things that go wrong when your thyroid isn’t working properly. Thyroid problems are complex and it takes deep investigation to determine how this is causing your inability to lose weight.

More dieting and exercising simply will not correct the reasons for why you're continuing to suffer and having problems losing weight. Dr. Hansbrough will do the necessary investigation to get at the real cause or problems behind the symptom, so a truly effective program can be developed for you.

Are you currently being treated for low thyroid, but you still suffer from symptoms?

Symptoms of a low thyroid that continue even while on a thyroid hormone or your doctor telling you that "your lab tests are normal" indicates something is still going on with your condition. If you’re still suffering from symptoms, such as: fatigue, needing excessive amounts of sleep, depression, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, hair loss, night sweats...while being treated for low thyroid, there’s a high probability something’s been missed.

The only way to discover what's missing with your diagnosis is by a comprehensive evaluation and testing that goes much deeper than your TSH levels. Don’t expect underactive thyroid symptoms that are persisting to go away in time on their own. Dr. Randy Hansbrough has over 32 years of experience working with tough thyroid cases and focuses on getting to the root cause of your thyroid issues.

Looking for more answers to why your current thyroid treatment isn't working?

If you're thinking of seeing ANY type of doctor for your thyroid condition, be sure to ask them if they focuses on hard to treat cases. If they don't, it's best to explore other options.

It's very important to work with someone who is highly trained and focuses on difficult thyroid conditions. It's also important to work with a doctor who can and will personalize a treatment plan to address your specific needs for care. A one size fits all approach rarely ever works with thyroid issues. Highly trained...over 32 years of experience...focusing on difficult thyroid conditions...that's exactly what you'll receive when you work with Dr. Randy Hansbrough.

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