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Who Dr. Randy Hansbrough works with and how he helps those suffering with chronic and difficult thyroid conditions.

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Are you suffering with a tough and chronic thyroid disorder? Are you frustrated and unsure what the future holds for you and wonder if your current treatment is really working? Do you have thyroid symptoms, but think you may have been undiagnosed, or worse yet, misdiagnosed? Have you been told "your lab tests are normal" and because of this your doctor has told you, the symptoms you are struggling with must be in your head and you'll "just have to live with it."

If so, there IS a solution to your low thyroid problems!

There is a very safe and very effective natural approach that can and will get to the underlying reasons and root cause of your thyroid condition and there IS a recovery treatment plan that can work for you...the solution you've been looking for is right here, working with Dr. Randy Hansbrough in Stuart, Florida (located on the Central East Florida coast, or Treasure Coast as it's commonly called).

Working with Dr. Randy Hansbrough is very different than working with other practitioners. That's because Dr. Hansbrough has over 32 years of experience and is highly trained to assess and work with complex and difficult thyroid conditions.

In working with difficult thyroid issues, Dr. Hansbroughs goals are to:

  • Goal #1: Give a proper diagnosis, through the use of comprehensive and extensive testing that may include: blood, saliva, urine and stool (which goes much deeper than mosts tests your medical doctor will give you).
  • Goal #2: Get relief and healing and get you on the path of wellness. This will be accomplished in various ways and your specific treatment plan will be completely dependent upon your test results. Every person is very unique and different and so we do not subscribe to a "one size fits all" approach for relief and help for your thyroid condition.
  • Goal #3: Find and manage the root, underlying cause of the thyroid problem. Thyroid issues are very complex. There are many "triggers" that can cause problems. If we don't get to the root cause, something will be missed and this is one of the main reasons why so many patients are told "their lab tests are normal", put on a thyroid medication, yet still have problems and symptoms.

Dr. Hansbrough's approach is working with you as a whole person, rather than just looking at TSH levels or symptom management.

When you have a thyroid issue, your whole body can feel awful and completely out of balance. That's why Dr. Hansbrough works with you as a whole person and addresses the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal system, the hormone system, the nervous system and he utilizes a Functional Medicine and Functional Neurological approach to brain based therapy for optimum wellness. By taking this comprehensive approach, Dr. Hansbrough is able to help the thyroid gland function much better and get his patients results.

Dr. Hansbrough looks at testing results much differently than most traditional medical practitioners.

That's because Dr. Hansbrough is a board certified Functional Neurologist, with an emphasis on the brain and brain based therapies, through the world renowned Carrick Institute, under the auspices of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. This is the international gold standard for post-doctoral certifications.

As a Functional Medicine practitioner, Dr. Hansbrough looks at lab test results very differently...seeking a very narrow middle of the overall ranges of a particular measurement as much as possible. This is called "The Functional Optimally Balanced Range." It is where the body is more stable and functioning properly.

Watch the video below as Dr. Hansbrough explains the difference between the traditional medical model of "normal" testing results, versus Functional Medicine's approach to normal ranges...

Working with Dr. Randy Hansbrough means getting a more comprehensive approach to thyroid health and wellness.

Working with Dr. Hansbrough is very different. He will conduct more extensive testing and a comprehensive investigation into what is causing your thyroid condition. By doing this, he gives his patients a more comprehensive picture as to the root issues that must be addressed. Then Dr. Hansbrough will put together a unique and individualized treatment program that meets your needs and will get you on the path to thyroid health.

Everything Dr. Hansbrough does and the way he works is designed to be very safe and very effective and work within the natural processes that your body was created to function in and work properly. Thyroid problems are complex. There is a very interconnected web of dysfunction that cause most thyroid problems. It's not as simple as most patients think, that is why so many people still have thyroid symptoms. It's Dr. Hansbrough's job to untangle that web and allow for a state of healing and wellness to return to your life.

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